A Look At Phytobiophysics®

Phytobiophysics® in Wolverhampton with Lynne Hancher

The Energy of plants is captured to restore balance, harmony and health on all levels of consciousness.

Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas have the capacity to :

They are :

Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas are made from the essence of thousands of flowers from all over the world, when combined, produce a resonating frequency of a very precise specification.

Energy, the life force, is maintained through nourishment. Since time began, plants have provided the essential elements for sustenance : food. Plants have also provided the essential ingredients for healing : herbs.

However, health is not just affected by food. Emotions, attitudes and psychological factors contribute to good health and longevity. Rising levels of pollution, environmental disturbances, stress and the emergence of new infective agents, all combine to create serious imbalance and deterioration of vitality.

There are various ways to ascertain which of the formulae are required.

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