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You may have heard or seen in the press the new Advertising Codes that come into existence as from 1st March 2011.

This means that we, as therapists (like many others) have to watch what we say and how we say it so we are unable to say words like

It will stop people saying they can heal or cure, something that I haven't personally agreed with but it does take a little out of the effectiveness of some of the therapies. A good therapist will always help the client in a holistic way.

When we look at disorders/symptoms in a holistic way, we are not only looking at the disorder or symptom, but also we are looking at other things like diet, lifestyle etc that may also help you. In this way we may be able to help you sooner rather than later. Remember also that one of the advantages of complementary therapy is that it does complement orthodox medicine (not replace it) and sometimes several disorders/symptoms may be treated at the same time within the one treatment.

So now it is difficult to say what we are able to help with !!! For instance, guess the word : a sleep disorder : I_ _ _ _ _ _ A or a joint pain : A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S .

My only worry is how far is this going to go : Can (or should I say might) I still say

But do call me to discuss any matters or to advise on what therapies might help you.


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