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Life Coaching Wolverhampton with Lynne Hancher

Life Coaching is a way of establishing where you are at the moment in your life, where you are going and how you will get there. I offer life coaching in Wolverhampton, and I also offer Life Coaching Courses (and can offer one to one tuition by arrangement).


I am currently taking a sabbatical and am NOT taking on NEW clients. My existing clients are aware of this and can be assured of my continued service, but presently I simply do not have the time to take on new work. However, I will maintain this website as a source of free information on the various therapies and treatments I personally offer.

So often, people don’t get the chance to sit down for a few moments and take stock of their life, what they want, whether they will achieve their goals. Life Coaching enables you to do this. It is not necessarily about changing yourself but becoming yourself, adapting the world around you to suit you and to make life work for you.

So Life Coaching enables you to assess yourself, your situation or problem and to develop the skills you already have to move forward by increasing your motivation to do so. By building up a good rapport and by setting clear and realistic goals, you and your Life Coach work together on a regular basis to aid and motivate you to this achievement.

It can also work at corporate level by working with teams of people who have various levels of motivation, stress and productivity.

It can also be useful to ensure that peak ability is achieved for a particular performance or event.

"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything"
George Bernard Shaw

So whatever your aspirations are, life coaching can help you. Whether you feel you are stuck in a rut, if you would like to change career, or find more time for leisure or to spend with your family, life coaching can help. It may be that you just want to develop a better sense of well-being so you feel more energetic. Whatever it is, Life Coaching can be the answer. Some people feel that you can achieve this by reading a book on the subject - and there are some good books out there - but they are not necessarily tailored to your individual needs.

Some people see a glass half empty, others see it half full. Some see a situation as a problem, others see it as a challenge. Therefore, these aspects need to be taken into account, if we are to personalise the programme to your needs and aspirations so that it works for you. You learn how to be able to take responsibility for things under your control and use them to your advantage, and for things beyond your control, to let go.

"We've removed the ceiling over our dreams. There are no more impossible dreams" 
Jesse Jackson

Initially a free consultation is arranged and from there we can set up a personalised programme that you work through at your own pace, the life coach monitoring your progress and using various techniques to help you along the way. Sessions can be done face-to-face or by telephone.

To book an appointment for a free consultation or if you have any further questions, e mail me today and start a wonderful journey into the future you want.

From time to time, I run Mini-Life Coaching Sessions. See my courses page for further details

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