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Corporate Complementary Health Scemes

Every employee suffers from stress at some time. Whether it is caused in the workplace or at home is largely irrelevant as the problem will still manifest itself in the workplace anyway. A troubled employee is not as productive as a contented employee. Their work rate will drop and they may make mistakes. This causes them further stress with its various symptoms (see top of this page) which compounds the problem and starts a vicious cycle that normally leads to absenteeism.


I am currently taking a sabbatical and am NOT taking on NEW clients. My existing clients are aware of this and can be assured of my continued service, but presently I simply do not have the time to take on new work. However, I will maintain this website as a source of free information on the various therapies and treatments I personally offer.

Consequently, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of introducing Stress Relief programmes. Employers find that with in-house therapy treatments, stress is greatly reduced, leading to increased motivation, reduced staff turnover, and less absenteeism.

Myself or any of my team of therapists can bring a wide range of treatments to the workplace, fitting around meetings, lunchtimes, etc, so that your staff can take a few minutes out of their day to find some relaxation. Training can also be given, if required, to help people with stress and time management. Programmes can be individually developed to suit each particular company and their staff.

Contact me to discuss tailor made programmes for your company, including Training Sessions which can show your employees self-help techniques that will help them cope with stress.

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Stress Machine

Another facility I offer to my Corporate customers is the Stress Machine (see picture at the top of this page). This may look like something dreamt up by the Spanish Inquisition, but it is in fact a sophisticated and highly effective relaxation device.

Developed by top medical, health and stress professionals, it took three years to devise this machine that is clinically proven to reduce stress levels by at least 50% within just ten minutes. It relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation, eases aches and pains and soothes and clears the mind. It's the fast and effective solution to the busy professional.

If you would like more details, please e-mail me and I can send you my Corporate Stress Management pack or better still, arrange a free, no obligation demonstration at your premises.

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Client Comments

" We invited Lynne along to our Global Safety Conference to provide a display on stress relief techniques involving massage, which would hopefully encourage members of our staff to use alternative therapies as a way of reducing their levels of stress. Typically, most of the conference attendees were men aged between 35 and 55, in the bracket where one would expect such individuals not to be receptive to such treatments. However, the display was constantly busy all day, with lots of people taking the opportunity to have an Indian Head Massage, and speak to Lynne about other stress relief techniques. And following the conference, we have received many letters of positive feedback from delegates about this display in particular. When we put together such events in the future, I have no doubts that we will be inviting Lynne back again!
Simon Turner.


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