Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) Code Legalities

Unfortunately, as from 1st March 2011, all marketing communications (including websites, leaflets etc) are regulated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). This means that it is no longer possible to say what we can help with, only that we might help with and we cannot refer to anything that is a medical condition. For example, diabetes is classed as a medical condition but must be referred to as “blood sugar disorder”.

Similarly, although I have been working with complementary therapies since 1993, I can no longer say I have “experience” in certain fields as now I have to find 20 or more clients with a disorder and then fully document this as a signed testimonial, which will take far longer than doing the treatments themselves. So personally I will just rely on my current status whereby most of my new business is by way of referral.

I would advise you, therefore, to e mail me with any questions you might have or alternatively telephone on 01782 511800 to advise on which therapies may be useful to you.



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